How to Define a Keyword

A keyword is a short term that captures the essence of the subject matter of a document. Bibliographic records contain controlled vocabulary, and keywords are an integral part of that vocabulary. There are two types of keywords: the controlled and the uncontrolled. The controlled keyword is an umbrella term that describes the topic of a document. The uncontrolled term is a single word. The other type is an index term. These terms are used in an article or a report.


A controlled word is a synonym. When a word is a compound, the meaning is always a single word. In this sense, a single synonym does not always correspond to a single definition. It is a synonym. If you’re looking for an accurate and relevant keyword, you should focus on those. Otherwise, you’ll be confused with the meaning of a keyword. This is why the best way to identify the most effective keyword is to make a list of all words a speaker uses in their speech.

To understand the definition of a ‘keyword’, you need to understand the history of the term. The use of keywords in academic research has changed dramatically in the past few years, but the general idea behind the practice of using keywords for academic research remains the same. The concept of ‘keyword’ was coined by Georges Matore in 1953 and has remained relatively unchanged. However, in the post-9/11 world, the term ‘keyword’ refers to any of a variety of terms.

Keywords have multiple meanings. In a digital context, a keyword refers to a word or phrase. For example, if a search engine is searching for a word related to a particular topic, it will use the word ‘keyword’ to find that content. The search engine can then make the result appear in the result box. A focused keyword in a document or an article can increase the chances of its being found.

A keyword is not a single word. There are many different ways to define a single word. For example, “word” can mean “words that are not words.” But a single word can have many meanings. Hence, a keyword can be defined as a term that means “words” in a particular language. It can be translated to another word, ‘word’, or even a combination of words.

If you’re looking for a keyword, you can either create a keyword with specific details or broad, general information. Whether the search engine is a Google-based tool or a proprietary tool, you’ll need to include the keyword in the search box. A narrower and more targeted list will be more likely to generate higher traffic. A more specific keyword will have a lower CPC and a higher conversion rate. It will also be more likely to bring you more traffic – more visitors, and more sales.