How to Use Keyword Research With PPC Marketing to Dominate Google AdWords


How to Use Keyword Research With PPC Marketing to Dominate Google AdWords

A keyword is a word or set of words that describe or identify an item, idea, or a product. It is the first piece of information in a data base that determines the search engine to which an article, document, video, or audio file is submitted. The words of a keyword are often considered part of the meta tag or title tag of an HTML document. Keywords also can appear as the name of the resource or domain name of an online site.

Keyword is an abstracted word or phrase. An index term, description word, subject phrase, or topic phrase, in content retrieval, is usually a single word. On the other hand, the keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword appears throughout a piece of text. High-frequency keywords are called competitive keywords, whereas low-frequency keywords are called synonyms. Low-frequency keywords have low competition but high search volume. High-frequency keywords, on the other hand, are used when the document has a strong theme and the copywriting task is to create brand awareness.

In SEM, a single word is the search engine target or searcher. This is the words or key phrases used by a potential customer in their search for products, services, information, or the like. The words in your content can have one of several meanings. For example, if you sell tropical plants online, a potential customer searching using “plant” as the search engine target will most likely find your site because “plant” is your keyword.

You can increase your search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness by using a variety of search terms. The relevance of the keywords that you select can vary from one website to another. For example, a site that sells a potted plant may place a single word different from the potted plant search term. Your keywords should be relevant to your website content.

To find the best keywords for your PPC marketing campaign, run a keyword analysis to determine what keyword combinations will be most profitable. Then, use a keyword analyzer to discover which keyword combinations are the most popular. Find the keyword combinations that are most lucrative in organic searches on the search engines.

A complete method to discover profitable keywords is to combine the PPC keyword research with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Yahoo Webmaster Tools. These tools can give you a complete view of keyword usage by your competitors. After discovering your targeted keywords, choose PPC advertising packages that offer the highest return on investment.