Stake Casino Review

I created an account at Stake Casino a couple of months ago and have been playing there ever since. The team behind Stake introduced a comprehensive transformation during this period. Therefore, I have decided to summarize the findings of Stake Casino Review which highlights the new features of the enhanced site.

The ever-evolving Bitcoin casino
The bet was launched in early 2019. The stakes team aims to compete head-to-head with the world’s best bitcoin casinos by providing users with a fun Bitcoin gaming experience in a transparent and secure atmosphere. The team is committed to providing a gaming experience with demonstrable fairness. It has also banned the usual practice of offering spectacular bonuses to win players with small print.

Create a bet casino account
Like other cryptographic casinos, Stake offers a high level of anonymity to users. You cannot access the site with a username and password. You must also verify your email address to use advanced features. This is it.

The betting team will continue to modify and improve the website and gambling offerings. The team introduced a comprehensive update when I did my Stake Casino test and research. The new and improved 2.0 interface has a refreshing minimalist design and a colorful clip-art theme.

The simple layout makes it easy to find all the information you need to have an enjoyable, fun experience. Balance and account information appear at the top of the page. The center of the screen is occupied by games with colored icons in a simple grid. Links to legal and licensing pages appear at the bottom of the page, where you expect them to. Stake Casino’s community chat – which is great for reaching customer service as well as socializing with other players – appears in a scrolling window on the right side of the main page. You can also visit the forum, which contains archived messages from users and members of the Stake team. Overall, the site is quite responsive and easy to manage.

Stake games
The site currently offers 11 games. Members can enjoy blackjack, roulette, baccarat, mines, Plinko, Wheel, hilo, Diamond poker, poker, keno and original dice. Each game house appears next to the game icon. The edge of the house is rarely higher than 1%. The exception is roulette, which has a house advantage of 2.7%.

Stake games

The layout of the game is standardized so you can start playing right away. Once you have entered a game, you can change the bet amount and set the game parameters, if any. For example, if you play the Mines game – the gambling version of the Minesweep PC game – you can specify how many mines are hidden by the grid.

The recent redesign of brought polished graphics to the games. The game is much smoother and each game includes animation. The best games found during the data collection during the review are blackjack and Diamond poker, both of which offer a lot of fast-paced fun.

The bet does not offer third party games. Each game on site is uniquely designed and tested according to the needs and standards of the betting community.

Don’t be surprised to find more games each time you visit Stake. The team is constantly expanding and updating the games.

With Stake’s “faucet” system, you can put games to the test drive without depositing any funds. The Bitcoin Faucet releases 100 Satoshi every day for free play. You can use these basics to start the game. You can build your basics from scratch with an initial bet on faucets, but misuse of faucets will result in a permanent ban.

A Legit?
Since Stake is a blockchain casino, the games are guaranteed to be demonstrably fair. All members can visit the Fairness page and check the reports for each game. In order to create a perfect random number generator to check the outcome of the game, the site also uses a server and a client base. This measure provides random results that no one can change. Stake provides a detailed report on how each game generates and uses random numbers. We can safely say that Stake has achieved its goal of being demonstrably fair and admirably transparent about its games.

A platform that provides non-stop entertainment
The redesign carried out in preparation for the Stake Casino Review resulted in faster navigation, stable gameplay, easy registration and a visually pleasing design.

Stake doesn’t have a mobile app, but the website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Players can enjoy the full-stakes Bitcoin gaming experience on mobile phones and tablets.

Quick deposits and withdrawals
The stakes casino deposit process is both fast and intuitive. Just click the Deposit button at the top of the page. The bet responds with an encryption address that you can copy to your Bitcoin wallet to set up the transfer. The process of revocation is roughly the same. The average deposit time can take about 10 minutes, while it can take up to 30 minutes for the withdrawn money to appear in your wallet. The minimum payout amount for the casino is 0.002 BTC with a fee of 0.00005 BTC. There is no minimum amount for deposits. The website currently accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash services.

Languages ​​and country restrictions
The website is currently available in English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Unlike cash casinos, cryptocurrency-based casinos are generally not banned in individual countries. Stakes have members from all over the world.

One of the fundamental advantages of cryptographic casinos is that they can provide a high level of anonymity to users. This is definitely true for stakes. We’ve reviewed the entire registration process during a review of, and we haven’t provided any personal information other than your email address – and that’s only necessary if you want to play with faucets.

Security and customer service is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. Stake is also a member of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, an association responsible for the fairness of online Bitcoin casinos.

Live chat at Stake Casino isn’t just about socializing. The support team is also active in the chat. If you have a problem or question, click the live chat button. The team provided quick, detailed, and correct answers to the questions during testing.

Bottom line
Our Stake casino review team has concluded that Stake is a stable platform for hours of Bitcoin gambling entertainment. Although the list of games is currently quite small, the casino is constantly updating and presenting the games. Each game is tested and each has a fairness report that you can test and verify. Add helpful and fast customer service and Stake Casino clearly wins.