What is the Purpose of Keyword Research?


What is the Purpose of Keyword Research?

A search engine’s keyword tool enables you to find what people are searching for. How can a tool tell me what keyword is being searched? It’s pretty simple. You enter in a keyword and it tells you whether the word is in the index domain, or subject fields of a website. It also tells you how many times the keyword is found in the html of that page and gives you some idea of its popularity.

An index term, description, topic phrase, or index word, in content analysis, is just a single term that captures the general concept of a site. Domain names, on the other hand, represent a well-defined hierarchy of words (or roots) that can be associated with a topic. These words can include parentheses, stems, and derivations. Index terms, on the other hand, represent the search volume for a given keyword over a period of time.

When I say indexed, I mean that the definition of that term is “existing as of the last search.” Search engines determine the indexing status of a site by observing the frequency with which it appears in searches relative to other words. The higher the volume of keyword searches, the more reliable the site’s ranking. As keyword popularity increases, the site’s ranking becomes increasingly reliable.

So, to keep your PPC campaigns at the level of success that will attract visitors without breaking your budget, keep a few things in mind. Your goal should be to reach the monthly searches volume that would be described by your keyword or theme term. Ideally, you want your goal to be one of the top three keywords, but this requires you to conduct an adequate keyword research, build a decent domain or site structure, and to plan a strategic marketing campaign. Without all of these elements, it is easy to fall into the trap of wishing you could invest more effort, but in the end, it can be significantly cheaper to pay less for better results than it is to pay too much for fewer results.

Once you have determined that your chosen keyword or theme is one of the top three most searched for, it is time to conduct some keyword research. Since search engines are constantly surveying the Internet for new information, you will likely receive quite a few new keyword terms as time goes by. You may even find that you have keyword concepts that have already been circulating the web for some time, and that your competition has just started collecting dust. In either case, the best strategy is to create an integrated marketing campaign, which means that you make sure that the web site, ad campaign, and even the link building efforts all coordinate with each other.

If the new keyword terms you discover are not achieving your goals, do not feel as though you have done enough to compete in this market place. Keyword competition is never an easy task. You must be disciplined, you must be strategic and above all, you must know what it is that you are looking for and how you are going to get there. With the right tools, the right intent, and the right knowledge, your ability to rank well for the intent can increase your profitability dramatically.