Which Keyword is Most Popular?


Which Keyword is Most Popular?

A key phrase, title tag, key phrase, key word, topic tag, or subject phrase, in search engine indexing, is simply a single word that captures the subject matter of an article. Key phrases make up a well-managed vocabulary for web-based bibliographic entries. Web indexing helps users to find specific information on topics and subjects. Some search engines provide categories of key phrases and topics. The invention of web indexing technologies has made it simple for people to retrieve information on a wide and deep variety of topics.

As an example, let’s say one is searching for the top 100 most searched keywords worldwide in Google. One would enter this search into a popular search engines such as Yahoo or MSN. One would notice the phrase “the top 100 most searched keywords on the internet” into the search engines browser. This would return results from all of the major search engines, as well as niche search engines.

In looking at the phrase, it is obvious that the intent of the searcher is to find out the top 100 most searched keywords worldwide. So in reality, we have the keyword in our database in the form of keywords. However, what makes the ranking of keywords so important? One of the main reasons ranking is important is because it gives the creator of the page the idea about the intent of the page. Google uses two main factors in computing a page’s ranking: The number of times the keyword appears on the page and the total number of times the keyword appears over the entire page.

The second factor, which Google uses to rank pages, is called the search engines “perceived intent.” To put it simple, people searching for a particular topic are looking for a solution to their problem. Therefore, people searching for a keyword like “my boyfriend,” “the best way to get my boyfriend out of my mind,” or “how do I get my ex boyfriend back” are looking for a solution to their problem. That is what Google looks at in determining how high a page is ranked.

So now we know what a keyword is, and what it is used for. The next step is how to use this information to drive targeted traffic to your website. People searching for a keyword are already thinking of the problem you solve when they see your keyword appear on the search engine results page. You need to target your keyword to the exact audience that you want to target to achieve the highest rankings for it. For example, if you target the phrase, “my boyfriend is going to leave me,” you will most likely find that very few people searching for that keyword are truly looking for a solution to a problem that has no solution.

The real key, though, is to find a solution to your problem. For example, if you are selling dog supplies, and someone searching for those supplies is specifically looking for a dog brush, you can probably assume that your dog supplies are not very popular, as they are so specific. Therefore, you need to target your keyword to a broad range of phrases, such as, “my boyfriend is going to leave me,” or “I need a dog brush.” By targeting these long-tail keywords, you will significantly increase your monthly searches, and therefore, your potential to sell the products.